Monday, May 8, 2017

How to Improve Your Memory, 1562

Margarita Philosophica Nova (1508), Wellcome Library
"To sleepe hosed and shoed especially with foule sockes, doth hinder the Memorie, because of the reflection of the vapours: feebleth the syght, and causeth the body to waxe whote and burne... Feare doth oppresse the Memorie, or endurynge sadnes: also a pensive care of housholde busynesse is hurtfull. Also immoderate sleepe and violent vomiting." 
Guglielmo Gratarolo, The Castel of Memorie 
Frankly, if your sock vapors are foul enough to cause blindness and burning, a poor memory is the least of your problems.


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