Monday, June 30, 2014

How to Write a Letter of Condolence, 1867

"To a Friend on the Loss of a Limb by Accident. My Dear Friend,-- I cannot find words to express to you how deeply I was shocked and pained to hear of your sad accident... I am thankful that your right arm has not suffered, as that is undoubtedly the most reliable and useful... If I can be of service to you in any way, remember that to aid you is ever the sincere wish of
Your friend,
Edward Potts."
S. A. Frost, Frost's Original Letter-Writer. A Complete Collection of Original Letters and Notes Upon Every Imaginable Subject of Every-Day Life, With Plain Directions About Everything Connected With Writing a Letter (1867)
Need to write a heartfelt letter of condolence, but too busy to experience real compassion? This handy collection of very specific form letters has you covered. Just don't forget to customize the limb in question. Awkward...

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  1. Some of the other letters are just as interesting:

    To a Friend on the Loss of a Valuable Ship at Sea
    Congratulating a Friend on the Unexpected Return of a Son supposed to be Dead
    Congratulating a Friend upon Escape from Injury in a Railroad Accident
    Declining to Recommend an Errand Boy
    Letter Ordering Dry Goods from a Firm just starting Business
    Letter from a Lad to a Sea Captain asking to go to Sea

    It's just funny to think that some of these were such common occurrences that they needed to cover them. "I've written so many letters to friends who've escaped train disasters that I'm all out of ideas!" Like, how does a letter to someone who survived a train disaster not write itself?